A sweet Italian story …

Bringing sweetness in the lives of our customers is our mission and we do so with passion and skill.

For this reason “Life is Sweet” is not only a slogan, but also a wish and a goal that we try to attain every day, day after day.

Our company is based in the province of Treviso, not far from Venice. We produce semi-finished products for confectionery and gastronomy. We have solid roots in the Italian market and distribute our products also in various other countries throughout the world.
Since the beginning of our activity, our main goal has been to provide high quality products made with carefully selected raw materials. We are flexible and fast in our deliveries, in order to offer timely service on a consistent basis.

We offer our customers the certainty that they can rely on our experience, and create long-lasting, close relationships based on trust.

Our range is based in the Italian confectionery and gastronomy traditions: from from sweet to savoury shortcrust pastry, from sponge cake to puff pastry. All this without forgetting puffs, tarts and cannoli. Be assured that you will find the right product for you.

We are a passionate and creative expression of the Italian world of confectionery..

Since the beginning, we have been at your side with our semi-finished products, to walk beside you, day after day, in your dynamic work as Quality Crafters. We pursue our mission on the strength of our flexibility, updating our recipes according to the evolution of the latest market trends, and addressing all market requests for a fast service in real time, with our prompt deliveries.

We have a wide-ranging offer of products for the confectionery, catering and ice-cream making sectors, prepared with safe and highly reliable production methods. We offer base products ready to be completed and finished with the creativity and mastery that characterize you.

You will find us in Nervesa della Battaglia, at the feet of the Montello, in the beautiful countryside of the March of Treviso, less than an hour away from magic Venice.


We produce 300,000 tarts every day, using:

KG of eggs

KG of flour

KG of butter

KG of sugar


We export our products in several countries around the world, including:

Switzerland, Great Britain, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Portugal, Latvia, Russia, Turkey, Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Taiwan, Panama, Caribbean countries, USA and Australia..